Trying to sell our Rolex Wimbledon Series !!!

Trying to sell our Rolex Wimbledon Series !!!

This week, we sent one of our team members from KNQ to explore Hatton Garden, tasked with finding someone in the arcade interested in buying the Rolex Wimbledon!

Here’s how it went down:

We are documenting our entire journey on our TikTok @KNQUK, where we aim to find a buyer for our Rolex Wimbledon series.

We began downstairs in the arcade, where we were offered two Cartier Santos watches—one with SI diamonds and one with VVS diamonds. It was a tough decision, so we had to call the boss, who decided we were not interested in swapping our Rolex for two bust-down Cartier watches.

Next, we left the arcade to see if The Vault London would be interested in purchasing the watch. Initially, they said no and offered us £9,000, which was too low for us at KNQ. We tried to negotiate, but they were firm on their stance as they already had too many watches in stock.

Despite two failed attempts, we did not give up!

We then went back to the arcade and tried Ben Kettles, which turned out amazing. We were thrilled with the offer we received.

Now, you're probably wondering how much Ben Kettles paid. To find out, you'll have to check out our TikTok at KNQUK to see how everything went down.

Let us know in the comments what other series you'd be interested in seeing, and we'll try to do as many as possible.

 Stay tuned!

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