How to Avoid Scratching Your Luxury Watch

How to Avoid Scratching Your Luxury Watch

If you're reading this, you probably wear a luxury watch. If that's the case, you're in for a treat—luxury watches are like no other accessory you can own: they're beautiful and stylish, but also incredibly delicate. That's why it's important to take care of them. In fact, it's so important that we've put together this guide on how not to scratch your luxury watch!

Don't wear it when you sleep

 You might be tempted to wear your luxury watch while sleeping, but it is best not to do so. If you are sleeping and rolling over onto your arm, there is a higher chance of accidentally damaging the watch's face. It’s also important not to shower or bathe with your luxury watch on hand. This could cause water damage if the band gets wet or breaks off when you grip it too tightly under water pressure.

 Finally, don’t let your luxury watch come into contact with chemicals such as bleach or ammonia-based cleaners--they will damage its intricate inner workings! Also, avoid excessive exposure to sharp objects like scissors and pens; this can result in scratches on either side of the face (or both).


Don't wear it when you shower or bathe

Don't wear it when you shower or bathe. Water can damage the case and strap, but even more importantly, water can get inside your watch and ruin its inner workings. If you're going to be in the shower, take it off first and put it on a towel near you so that if you have to get out quickly (i.e., because there's a fire), at least your watch isn't damaged in the process. 

Don’t wear it when you swim or play sports like tennis or golf. Even though water doesn’t affect most luxury watches as much as other brands, they still need protection from sweat—and they certainly don’t need any unnecessary contact with chlorinated pool water!


Don't let it come into contact with chemicals

Luxury watches are not like your old-school Timex. They're delicate and beautiful, and they can be damaged by water and chemicals.

Don't wear your watch while showering or swimming—the steam from the water could damage the watch's internal mechanisms. If you're going to be around a pool, take it off beforehand so that you don't accidentally drop it in!

If you have to clean something with harsh chemicals (like ammonia), remove your jewellery before handling them. Even if you take precautions, there's still a risk of damaging your luxury watch if something spills on it when you're wearing it—and we all know how easily stuff like that happens!

Don't let it come into contact with sharp objects

 The first thing to remember is that you should never wear your luxury watch while doing yard work. You may think that the grass clippings and twigs won't hurt it, but trust me, they will. That's why I've always been told to keep my eye out for sharp objects when working outside so I can avoid them at all costs—and maybe even get a new pair of safety glasses if necessary! For example, if my partner was mowing the lawn with our new lawnmower and I happened to be nearby with my fancy timepiece on my wrist, he would surely tell me not to be so careless (or something like that). But this isn't the only time where you have to make sure not to scratch your luxury watch: there are other situations where scuffing up one's accessory would spell disaster for its owner's day-to-day life!

Don't let it come into contact with any substances that could damage the case or strap/bracelet/band.

Don’t let it come into contact with any substances that could damage the case or strap/bracelet/band. 

Don't wear your watch when washing dishes, doing manual labor, or gardening because these activities may cause fine scratches on its surface. 

If you work out often and want to keep track of your heart rate during exercise sessions, then make sure that the straps stay dry by placing them under your wrist while working out. Take off the bracelet as well if possible because sweat can get trapped in between links and make them lose their shine over time—which is definitely not what any luxury watch owner wants to happen!


Luxury watches are delicate and can get scratched. But you can prevent scratching if you use them properly.

 You might be wondering how to avoid scratching your luxury watch. 

Well, using a watch winder is a good start. It’s important to take care of your luxury watches because they can get scratched easily. But if you use them properly, they should last forever. 

This means that you should never wear them while sleeping or bathing (especially if it's in a hot tub), and also don't let them come into contact with chemicals like lotions or hand sanitizers—they can damage the metal components inside the watch and cause corrosion over time. 

Finally, make sure that all sharp objects are kept away from your precious timepieces as well.

If you want to keep your luxury watch looking shiny and new, follow these guidelines. You can still wear it if you want—just be careful!

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